8hrs Membership Terms & Conditions


Payments are made by credit/debit card.

By starting a membership you are subscribing to an auto-renewing membership fee every 28 days / 4 weeks on a continuous basis.
Please note: we do not offer any refunds or credit towards future membership payments for any unused hours from a current or previous billing cycle.

To end the membership all you need to do is cancel your card payment subscription online and the membership will finish at the end of the current billing cycle. You will receive a confirmation email after every membership payment and within the email is the option to “Manage Subscription”, you can click here to end your subscription. Alternatively you can just write at any time to contact@londondrumstudio.com and we can cancel it for you.

Membership Booking Credits

You are issued 8hrs booking credits each billing cycle and can easily keep track of how many you have remaining on the booking system and when the next renewal is. At the end of each billing cycle your credit resets itself – make sure you book all of your 8hrs in before the billing cycle ends! As you can book sessions as far ahead as 14 days, this means its even possible to book some of your sessions beyond into the next billing cycle, but those sessions cannot be rescheduled (see below).


You can reschedule your sessions online on the website. When you cancel a session booked in the same billing cycle you will gain back one of your booking credits. You can then re-book in the session using up your credits as normal. It is important to note that you will lose the ability to reschedule sessions booked from a previous billing cycle. You can still cancel the session but you will find that when you cancel it you are not reimbursed with any booking credit to re-book.

Rescheduling is free and can be done up to 6hrs in advance however all members benefit if rescheduling is not left last minute. If you miss this window of time you can make a “Late Reschedule” booking up to 0hrs in advance at an extra cost (see pricing in the booking system).


The 8hrs Membership is designed to be flexible enough so that you can book your 8hrs at any point within the 28 days billing cycle. Plus it’s even possible to book as far ahead as 14 days into the next billing cycle. Therefore you shouldn’t have any trouble fitting hours around holidays.

For longer holidays and extended breaks where this system may not be practical it may be more best to plan ahead and end the membership. You can always join back up again!


Members can book Extra Hours at any time at an extra cost (see booking system for pricing) and can be booked up to 14 days in advance. A small selection of Vic Firth drum sticks are also available for purchase. They can only be purchased online and collected from the stick cabinet at the studios.