Health & Safety Guidelines

The Basics

For the safety of the drumming community please help each other to minimise the risk of infection. We recommend wearing a face mask on arriving/departing the studios. If you have either a high temperature or a new or continuous cough, please don’t come to the studios, stay at home. 


On top of the normal studio cleaning, we are regularly cleaning commonly touched “hotspots” in the communal areas such as access keypads, door handles etc. We have hand sanitiser at the entrance for use when entering & exiting. Inside the drum rooms we are also supplying anti-viral disinfectant wipes to use when arriving to clean any equipment surfaces you come into contact with whilst drumming. We have foot-operated bins to dispose of wipes and personal waste. Please use the wall-mounted ventilation units to air the rooms but remember to switch them off after use to minimise fire risk and leave the drum booth doors open at the end of your session. (Note: the Studio 4 ventilation system is always on so no need to do anything).

Areas to consider wiping: fan unit, snare skin, drum key, hihat clutch, snare strainer, wingnuts on stands, drum stool etc. 

Please do not leave a trace when you leave!

Stay safe and happy drumming!

Thanks Nick @ London Drum Studio