No, the studios are available to book for both Members and Non-members. Membership is the most economical option if you plan on drumming 2hrs or more per week on average. Members also enjoy more priority over the booking system and bundle offers on extra hours.

Yes, the full kit including breakables is included in the booking.

We provide a single pedals in each room. But you’re welcome to bring your own pedals to the session provided that you put the “house” pedal back on before the end of your session. Please note that Studio 3 is too small to accommodate a double pedal setup.

Absolutely! We have drummers of all abilities visiting. Our studio policy is beginner-friendly as we kindly ask all drummers who change the drumkit setup to revert the setup back to normal before the end of the session ready for the next drummer. We also provide some setup tips & tricks in the rooms for those wanting to learn the basics. 

No, for hygiene we do not provide sticks with the booking. However we do have sticks for sale which can be pre-ordered online and collected at the studio at your practice session. Currently we can only sell sticks to customers who have a room booking.

For the best possible sound isolation in the drum rooms we do not permit amplified music. To play along to any music or a metronome you will need to bring a pair of headphones.

Our practice rooms are designed for solo drum practice so are very small. Only studio 4 provides enough space for a guest to sit in comfortably.  

Sorry, only solo drum practice is permitted in the rooms due to sound limitations.

There is onstreet parking which is free weekends and weekday evenings from 6.30pm. You can pay on the meter weekdays from 8.30am – 6.30pm (max 4hr stay). We do not provide any private parking spaces.